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VarmX, based in Leiden, the Netherlands, raised a Series A round of €7.5M led by BioGeneration Ventures, with an additional €5M provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as an Innovation Credit. The company plans to use the funding to complete preclinical testing of its lead compound PseudoXa and advance into human clinical studies.

VarmX is developing a treatment for patients with internal bleeding who have taken blood thinners. The therapy works by modifying a human blood clotting factor called Xa to resemble a version of the protein found in snake venom. The modification enables the clotting factor to stop and prevent internal bleeding in patients who require it.

Fellow Research Award – Clinical Science

The Fellow Research Award, formerly the Aircast Award, is determined by the AOSSM Fellowship Committee. The award is given to the best papers in clinical and basic science submitted by a sports medicine fellow. This year’s winning paper in clinical science is: “Non-Operative Treatment of Elbow Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries with and without Platelet-Rich Plasma in Professional Baseball Players: A Comparative and Matched Cohort Analysis,” from authors Aakash Chauhan MD, MBA, Peter McQueen MD, Michael G. Ciccotti MD, Christopher Camp MD, John D’Angelo, Hollis Potter MD, Brandon J. Erickson MD, Stephen Fealy MD, Heinz Hoenecke MD, Daniel Keefe MD, Julie McCauley MPHc, and Jan Fronek MD.

Cabaud Memorial Award

This award, established in 1986 to honor the life and contributions of Henry Edward (“Ed”) Cabaud III, MD, is given annually to the best manuscript submitted that pertains to hard or soft tissue biology, in vitro research, laboratory or “bench-type” research, or in vivo animal research. This year’s recipients are Gilbert Moatshe MD, Jorge Chahla MD, PhD, Alex Brady MSc, Grant Dornan, Kyle Muckenhirn, Bradley Kruckeberg BA, Lars Engebretsen MD, PhD, and Robert F. LaPrade MD, PhD, for their work, “The Influence of Graft Tensioning Sequence on Tibiofemoral Orientation During Bicruciate and Posterolateral Corner Knee Ligament Reconstruction: A Biomechanical Study.”

Thomas A. Brady Award

This award, established in 1999, is given annually to an orthopaedic surgeon who has been dedicated to excellence in sports medicine at the local level. Dr. Brady regularly contributed his time as a team physician in the Indianapolis area to ensure young athletes had proper medical care. The 2018 recipient is W. Ben Kibler MD, from Lexington, Kentucky.

George D. Rovere Award

The Rovere Award recognizes an AOSSM member for his or her contributions to sports medicine education over the years, and is selected by the Education Committee. Dr. Rovere contributed to the growth of AOSSM’s education program, pioneering instructional courses at the 1985 Annual Meeting. The 2018 award was given posthumously to Allen F. Anderson MD.

Excellence in Research Award

This award is given to the best paper submitted in any category to the Research Awards Committee, and includes a $2,000 honorarium, award certificate, presentation of the paper at the AOSSM Annual Meeting, and consideration for publication in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. This year’s winning paper was from Jay M. Patel PhD, Salim A. Ghodbane MD, Andrzej Brzezinski MD, Charles J. Gatt MD, and Michael G. Dunn PhD, titled, “Tissue Engineered Meniscal Replacement Using a Fiber-Reinforced Scaffold in a Two-Year Ovine Model.”

O’Donoghue Sports Injury Research Award

The 2018 recipients are Craig R. Bottoni MD, John D. Johnson DO, CPT, Liang Zhou MD, Sarah G. Raybin BA, MAJ, James J. Shaha MD, COL (ret), Kenneth K. Lindell MD, MAJ, and David D. Thoma DO, for research titled, “Arthroscopic vs. Open Anterior Shoulder Stabilization: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial with 15-Year Follow-Up and an Assessment of ‘On-Track’ and ‘Off-Track’ as a Predictor of Failure.” This award is named after Don H. O’Donoghue MD, who has been called the Father of Sports Medicine in the United States. His early work on knee injuries led to the development of the subspecialty and started the interest in the care of athletes. It is given annually to the best overall paper that deals with clinical-based research or human in vivo research.

Hughston Award

This year’s recipients of the Hughston Award are Sally Järvela MD, PhD, Tommi Kiekara MD, PhD, Piia Suomalainen MD, PhD, and Timo Järvela MD, PhD, for their paper, “Double-Bundle Versus Single-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Prospective Randomized Study With 10-Year Results.” The award, named for Jack C. Hughston MD, founder of AJSM and one of the pioneers in sports medicine, is chosen by a panel of AJSM editors and reviewers, and is given to the most outstanding paper published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine during the prior year.

AJSM Systematic Review Award

Mark E. Cinque MS, Grant J. Dornan MSC, Jorge Chahla MD, PhD, Gilbert Moatshe MD, and Robert F. LaPrade MD, PhD, received this year’s award for their paper, “High Rates of Osteoarthritis Develop After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery: An Analysis of 4108 Patients.” This award is given to the best systematic review paper submitted AJSM during a calendar year, as determined by a panel of editors and reviewers, and was established to encourage submission of high-quality systematic review papers, which add to the current knowledge of sports medicine.

Herodicus Award

This award, given annually by the Herodicus Society, recognizes the best resident paper accepted for the AOSSM Annual Meeting Program. The 2018 award was given to Stephen Thon MD, Lawrence K. O’Malley MD, Michael John O’Brien MD, and Felix H. Savoie III, MD, for their research, “The Use of a Bio-Inductive Collagen Patch to Supplement Repair of Large and Massive Rotator Cuff Tears Including Revisions: Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes at 2-year Follow-up.”

T. David Sisk Awards for Research Excellence

The T. David Sisk Research Awards were established in 2010 to honor the best papers submitted to Sports Health in clinical, laboratory, and international research. The award was named for Dr. Sisk, who was a strong proponent of Sports Health, and served as the Chairman of the AOSSM Medical Publishing Board of trustees at the time when the creation of the new journal was proposed.

T. David Sisk Award for Best Original Research Paper

This year’s winners were Eric G. Post MS, ATC, David R. Bell PhD, ATC, Stephanie M. Trigsted MS, ATC, Adam Y. Pfaller, Scott J. Hetzel MS, M. Alison Brooks MD, MPH, and Timothy A. McGuine PhD for their study, “Association of Competition Volume, Club Sports, and Sports Specialization With Sex and Lower Extremity Injury History in High School Athletes.”