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After listing the top biotech leaders in Munich, we investigated the ‘golden triangle’ in the UK to find out who are the most influential biotech leaders there.

The so-called ‘golden triangle’ of universities in Oxford, Cambridge and London concentrates a large percentage of the UK’s biotech research and industry, ranging from big pharma, like AstraZeneca and GSK, to top biotechs, like Immunocore and Horizon. Now here are the 13 leaders you should try to meet if you’re heading there (and if your entry isn’t refused because of Brexit…).

Thanks to the biotech leaders of the area who helped me making this list, which is in no particular order.

greg_winter_catGreg Winter, Founder, Cambridge Antibody Technology (Cambridge)

Greg Winter pioneered the field of monoclonal antibodies, the best-selling drugs today, by inventing techniques to humanize these proteins. He founded the Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT), the biggest biotech success story ever in the UK since it discovered and developed the best-selling drug Humira. Winter later founded Bicycle Therapeutics, Domantis and became deputy director of the MRC and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge. He was made a Knight for his services to science and is currently Master of Trinity College, although he announced recently that he will be stepping down in July 2019.

kate_bingham_svKate Bingham, Managing Partner, SV Life Sciences (London)

Kate Bingham is the managing partner of one of the leading Biotech venture capital companies and one of the most influential biotech women in Europe. She joined SV in 1991 and now serves as managing partner. Bingham has recently been noticed for her engagement in favor of a more diverse/equal biotech industry: her letter written with Bernstein from BioCentury drove a lot of reactions and changes. She was a key player in setting up the Dementia Discovery Fund, which recently announced it had far exceeded its initial goals and raised $350M (€300M) to support early-stage ventures working on therapeutics for all types of dementia.

gordon_sanghera_nanoporeGordon Sanghera, Co-founder & CEO, Oxford Nanopore (Oxford)

Gordon Sanghera is co-founder of Oxford Nanopore, one of the only three Biotech unicorns in Europe, alongside CureVac and Immunocore. He was appointed CEO in June 2005 and brings over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and global launch of disruptive platform sensor technologies. Oxford Nanopore is one of the only companies in the world right now that could threaten the NGS monopoly of Illumina. He announced earlier this year that the company is considering a dual listing in Hong Kong and London in the next 18 months. Sanghera says the company is considering the Hong Kong listing, as it is looking to expand into China as it is expecting it to soon become its largest market.

mike_ward_scripMike Ward, Chief Information Officer, Informa/SCRIP (London)

Mike Ward is probably the most famous biotech journalist in Europe. He heads the magazine SCRIP, originally focusing on Pharma and now increasingly on Biotech. He made himself well known in Europe by saying is thoughts out loud, even when being harsh was needed. But that’s also what makes him a great journalist! I remember one of his talk at Genesis presenting the winners and losers of 2015 Biotech year. Very entertaining!